Gold Loan

We provide different options to members according to their preferences. One can choose higher amount for his/her ornaments or can choose lower interest schemes or may go for short term or long term scheme. The Minimum amount to avail is Rs1000/-and maximum amount is up to Rs15 Lakhs.

We know that these gold ornaments are very precious and favorite to you. So we guarantee you that it will be in Our Safe Hands in strong lockers inside a strong room built as per standards and specifications applicable to commercial banks. The pledged gold ornaments are also insured for full value. Moreover, Security Personnel and modern electronic surveillance technology are deployed to protect your beloved gold ornaments.

Our speciality of gold loan

  • We provide maximum amount of loan/gram in the industry. Currently loan to value (LTV) is up to 80%.
  • Charging interest only for loan availed days.
  • The Interest rate applicable will vary from time to time and will be mentioned against the specific operative schemes / loan products.
  • Interest Rebate: You are eligible for interest rebate when you make interest payment/renewal of the loan on time and as specified by the company.
  • Online Repayment facility is available
  • You may avail maximum amount/gram in lower interest rate which is the best in the industry.
  • Personalized service to all the members.

Gold Loan Schemes

MBN 0336511.5075000.00
MS 2+36520.00500000.00
LCA 336520.001500000.00
MP T1036520.001500000.00
MP T536520.001500000.00
TE 136520.001500000.00
TE 236520.001500000.00
TE 336520.001500000.00
MN LR36520.001500000.00
MA 2+36520.00500000.00
MS 5+36520.001500000.00
MB X236520.001500000.00
MB 1536520.00400000.00
MP T1+36520.001500000.00
MA 5+36520.001500000.00
MP T36520.001500000.00
MP T136520.001500000.00
MBN 0136520.001500000.00
MP 8+36520.001500000.00
LCA 136520.00100000.00
LCA 236520.00300000.00