Maben Nidhi Limited

MABEN Nidhi Limited (Since JUNE 2012) a leading Nidhi company in India formerly known as Manappuram Benefit Fund Limited promoted by Shri. V.P. Nandakumar, MD & CEO of Manappuram Finance Limited, is a public limited company registered under the provisions of section 620A of the Companies Act 1956 and notified as Nidhi Company by Government of India. Maben Nidhi Ltd. is the first and only Company among the Nidhi Companies in Kerala to have obtained the NDH 4 approval from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. It was incorporated on 20th December 1993 with Registrar of Companies Kerala and is having 64 branches spread across the state of Kerala.

The main objective of the Company is to encourage and afford all facilities for cultivating thrift, saving habits and to render all financial assistance to its members by receiving long and short term deposits. The aim of recurring, fixed, saving and other deposits are to lend or advance money only to its members with security and to provide the same to the members at the time of repayment as stated by law.