Notice to Members

Notice is hereby given that the 28th Annual General Meeting of the Members of Maben Nidhi Limited will be held on Monday, 27th September 2021 at 11.00 A.M. through Video Conferencing.Members can join the AGM in the VC mode from 10.45am till 11.15am. The Notice of the 28th Annual General Meeting along with Annual Report 2020-21 and ballot paper are available on the website of the Company, “” and also at all Branch offices of the Company. The financial statements with enclosures are affixed at the notice Board of the Company. In compliance with the Circulars, the Annual Report 2020-21 (Audited Financial statement, Board Report, Audit Report and other documents) and the Notice of the 28th AGM along with ballot paper for voting are being sent only through electronic mode to those members whose email addresses are registered with the Company. During the meeting held through VC facility, where a poll on any item is required, the members shall cast their vote on the resolutions only by sending emails through their e-mail address which are registered with the company. The said email shall only be sent to The members as on 23/09/21 shall be eligible for voting. No advance voting is permitted. For more information the members are requested to visit our website or contact or 9497490005. During the meeting members can clear any doubt by contacting 9497490005 / 8086099709.

For and on behalf of the Company


Company Secretary