If you don’t have internet? or a smart phone? Or zero balance in phone? Still you can contact us.

We introduce new facility to our members, ‘TOLL FREE GOLD LOAN’. You can avail gold loan from anywhere and anytime by just a call from your registered mobile number to our toll free number. Loan amount will be credited to your bank account.

How you get toll free gold loan?

  • Lock gold to nearest maben branch.
  • Register mobile number & update bank account.
  • Call 1800 4195 227.
  • Respond to Malayalam voice command.
  • Fund credited to your account / renewal of your loan.

Features of Tollfree Gold Loan

  • Safe lock your gold ornaments at nearest Maben Branch.
  • Register your mobile number for one time registration and submit bank details.
  • You will get MPIN through SMS after successful registration. Keep this for future transactions
  • After completing this one time registration, you will get access to TOLL FREE GOLD LOAN service.
  • You can avail additional amount extra to the loan amount by just calling to the toll free number 1800 4195 227 or renewal of loan can be done through the same method. Save your time and travel.
  • Just press the numbers corresponding to malayalam voice command according to your need, enter loan amount, and confirm with MPIN.
  • Amount will be credited to your registered bank account and receive confirmation through SMS.

For more details please contact 9497490002 / 1800 4195 227.

Gold Loan Schemes

MBN 0336511.5075000.00
MS 2+36520.00500000.00
LCA 336520.001500000.00
MP T1036520.001500000.00
MP T536520.001500000.00
TE 136520.001500000.00
TE 236520.001500000.00
TE 336520.001500000.00
MN LR36520.001500000.00
MA 2+36520.00500000.00
MS 5+36520.001500000.00
MB X236520.001500000.00
MB 1536520.00400000.00
MP T1+36520.001500000.00
MA 5+36520.001500000.00
MP T36520.001500000.00
MP T136520.001500000.00
MBN 0136520.001500000.00
MP 8+36520.001500000.00
LCA 136520.00100000.00
LCA 236520.00300000.00